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Services and Meetings
Sunday Mornings 11am
Family Church
Communion 3rd Sunday

Sunday Evenings 6pm
Celebration Service
Communion 1st Sunday

Tuesday 09.30am - 11.30am*
Parents & Toddlers at the Church

1st Tuesday 7.15pm
Christians for Bedwas
Prayer Meeting at The Rock

2nd, 3rd and 4th Tuesdays 7pm
Prayer Meeting at the Church

Wednesday 2.30pm
Ladies Fellowship at the Church

2nd Wednesday 7pm
Church Fellowship Evening

1st Thursday 7.15pm
Bible Study at The Rock

Friday 4.30pm*
Whizzkidz At The Church
(Ages 3 - 7 years)

Friday 6pm*
Rock Solid At The Church
(Ages 8 - 11 years)

Friday 8pm*
B3 At The Church
(Ages 11 upwards)

* Term time only

Note: These are our general services and meetings timings - for a more specific and detailed events calendar...

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Sun 5th Feb 3.30pm

Messy Church

Arts, crafts, games and bible stories! All children must be accompanied by an adult.

Wed 8th Feb 7.00pm

Fellowship Night

Join us to hear about the work of Samaritan's Purse, with Tony and Lynn Mccarthy.

About Baptists
There are over 2,500 Baptist churches in the UK and thousands all over the world, there are an estimated 110 million Baptists worldwide, so you're rarely very far away from a Baptist!

There are as many different ways of Baptist worship and Baptist church buildings as there are congregations. Baptists have always believed in a principle of 'free church', i.e. each congregation is free to make its own decisions under God. ‘Church’ in Baptist church is not the building; rather it is the people - the congregation and membership.

Unlike some other denominations, a Baptist minister does not hold the ultimate authority over the church. Baptists believe that God’s Holy Spirit lives in each one of us, so the church members have a considerable involvement, even a responsibility, in the decision-making for their church, and in ‘discerning the mind of Christ’. This requires church members to exercise great tolerance and fortitude in debating issues with one another and to seek the glory and service of God as the foremost consideration in all of their decisions. Finally, Baptists are firmly committed to the need for religious liberty and the right to live in a free society.

Baptist Churches

General information about Baptist churches:

  • They have a simple worship, using the Word of God taken from the bible
  • There is an emphasis on preaching and this usually takes up a fair proportion of the service
  • Baptist Ministers usually dress like everyone else, not in robes
  • They have a busy life! Baptists tend to have quite a lot of church activities happening, being together often is an integral part of a Baptist congregation.
  • Baptists celebrate communion by passing the bread and wine (usually non-alcoholic) around the congregation rather than people coming to the front of the church.
  • Children are not baptised, they would usually have a ‘dedication’ instead, where the child is blessed.
  • A "believer’s baptism" is made of those old enough to make the decision for themselves, usually over 13 or 14 years of age. Baptism is by full immersion.

Baptists Believe In

The Lordship of Christ

Baptists affirm that 'Jesus is Lord'. He is Lord over our individual lives, the life of each church, and the life of the whole world.

The Authority of the Bible

The Bible is described as the 'Word of God' because Baptists believe that its writers were inspired by God's Spirit. As such, it has authority to guide both what we believe and how we live our lives.

Baptism for Believers

From the example of the New Testament, Baptists claim that baptism is for those who believe and able to declare that Jesus is Lord. As a symbol of Jesus' claim on our lives, baptism by immersion is practised, representing a desire to die to self and to live for Christ.

A Believers Church

Baptists understand the church as a community of believers gathered in the name of Jesus Christ for worship, witness and service. There is no set Baptist liturgy. Each local church and community is free to determine its own pattern, though prayer and praise, listening and reflecting on scripture, and sharing Holy Communion will always be central.

The Priesthood of all Believers

Baptists believe that everyone that attends a Baptist church has a role to play and can use their God-given skills and talents for the good of the church and the community. These gifts include teaching, evangelism, social action, pastoral care, prayer, healing, taking part in worship, administration or hospitality.

Church Members and Church Meetings

When a person is baptised in a Baptist church, they normally become a church member. Church members are called to prayerfully discern God's will for their shared life. Final authority does not rest with the ministers, deacons or any other local, national or international body, but with the members meeting together under God's guidance. Church meetings will make significant appointments including ministers, and agree financial policy and mission.


Baptists believe that churches should not live in isolation from one another but rather be inter-dependent. Baptist churches are linked regionally, nationally and internationally for support and fellowship.

Sharing the Faith

Baptists believe that each Christian has a duty to share their faith with others. We recognise that mission is not just evangelism, but also includes promoting justice, social welfare, healing, education and peace in the world.

Religious Freedom

Religious freedom for all has always been a keystone of Baptist understanding. Acceptance of differences of outlook and diversity of practice is encouraged within Baptist churches, as well as in our wider world.

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