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Sun 5th Feb 3.30pm

Messy Church

Arts, crafts, games and bible stories! All children must be accompanied by an adult.

Wed 8th Feb 7.00pm

Fellowship Night

Join us to hear about the work of Samaritan's Purse, with Tony and Lynn Mccarthy.

Bethel Baptist Church - History
The following historical information was reproduced from "Bethel Baptist Church, Bedwas, The History of the Church from 1901 to 1951, a Souvenir Handbook".

October 31st, 1901

A meeting to consider whether the time had arrived for the commencement of an English Baptist cause in this neighbourhood was called for this date, when the following members from Caerphilly, Machen and Bedwas Churches attended: Silas Jones, Issac Jackson, Miss L. Knight, D. Davies, D. Evans, A. Jones, H. Addicott, Mrs Watts, Mrs Davis (Graig Villa) and J. Watts.

It having been unanimously resolved that we commence a cause in Bedwas, it was decided that Principal Edwards, of Cardiff College, be invited to preach the opening Sermons on Sunday November 10, 1901. Resolved that 50 Bills be printed, and that we purchase a Bible and three dozen Sankey Hymn books. Mr J Watts was appointed Secretary, and Mr Jackson be appointed Treasurer.

Resolved that our first Prayer Meeting take place at the Railway Station on Wednesday next, and that Mr Gaul (Manager) be written to for the use of the waiting room twice a week for week-night services.

November 7th, 1901

Resolved that we apply for the use of Board School for Sunday services, and, in the event of our receiving a satisfactory reply (Dr Edwards being unable to preach on November 10), that we invite Mr Moses to preach the opening Services on November 24.

Sunday, November 24th, 1901

Services were held for the first time in connection with the English Baptist cause.

Mr Isaac Moses, of Machen, officiated, morning and evening. The texts chosen were appropriate, especially that of the morning, when the members, of whom there were 26, were directed to the charge of St. Paul to his Church at Phillipi.

In the afternoon, arrangements were made for the formation of a Sunday-school.

The services throughout the day were well attended, the evening meeting being crowded.

The collection for the day amounted to over £2. The promoters of the cause have every reason to feel every satisfaction in the results of their labour, and to hope for future prosperity.

The formal opening of the Church will take place on December 11, and the services in connection with the opening will be continued on Sunday, December 15, when the Rev. Ambrose Lewis, of Maesycwmmer, will officiate.

The following is a paper cutting from one of the local papers):

"The English Baptists of this neighbourhood, who for many years have been seen wending their ways to Machen, Caerphilly and other English places of worship, commenced holding meetings on October 31st, when ten members who were present pledged themselves to use every effort to establish an English Cause.

"Having met with every encouragement, and there being every hope of success, the first Sunday Services were held in the Board School on November 24. The formal opening of the Church took place on Wednesday, December 11, when addresses bearing upon the Constitution of a Christian Church were delivered by the Revs. A.T. Jones, Maindee, A. Lewis, A.T.S., and T. Moses, Abersychan. On Sunday, December 15, the Rev. A. Lewis, Maesycwmmer, preached three times to large congregations, the evening meeting being crowded.

It is satisfactory to know that some who have not been attending any place of worship are regular attendants both in the preaching services and the Sunday-school, the latter having a total of 69 upon the register. At the close of the Evening Service, the ordinance of the Lord's Supper was administered, when eight members from Caerphilly, three from Machen, four from the Bedwas Welsh Baptists Church, and nine restored, were given the hand of fellowship.

"There were also present two of the three who are awaiting baptism. It is the intention of the members to apply for admission into the English Association. The Secretary is J. Watts, Station Master, to whom all communications should be addressed.

January 24th 1902

The largest congregation yet seen in connection with the new cause, assembled in the Board School on Sunday last to hear Miss Lily Knight, A.C.P., preach. At the evening meeting the room was filled to its utmost capacity, friends having come from all parts.

The way in which the preacher handled both subjects was a great surprise to those who had not heard her previously. The display of great reasoning powers, combined with a facility and clearness of expression, enabled her to to retain the rapt attention of her audience. Miss Knight, who is a member of this young church, has kindly consented to preach once a month, when the collections taken on each occasion will be entirely devoted to the Building Fund. Miss Knight has written a story entitled "The Golden Key", which she has given to the Church for the benefit of the Building Fund. This story is in the Printer's hands, and will be published as soon as possible.

September 15th, 1902

Meeting called to consider the question of erecting a chapel, when it was decided that we ask for Tenders for a building on the same principle as "Saron" Church, Bedwas, and to seat 200. That we invite Mr and Mrs Davies (Landowner) and Mr G.G. Lewis to lay Memorial Stones, and that we invite local builders to tender, same to be sent in before September 22.

There is no record of when the Chapel was started to be built, but apparently, it was between October 1902, and May 1903, as the Contractor, Mr Mark Harding, of Caerphilly, was written to complete Chapel, viz., varnishing and painting, pointing and repairing defects, etc, by May 20, and left in a proper and workmanlike manner as promised in his letter of Tender for the Contract.

The Lease was drawn up and dated February 14, 1903, and the three signatories were Mr J. Hardace (Collier), J. Watts (Station Master), and Miss Knight (Spinster). It is interesting to note that on April 5, 1904, that Mr and Mrs D.S. Davies be transferred by letter to the church as Llanbradach, and Miss Lily Knight, who had done so much for the Cause, was about leaving for Rushden.

The first Harvest Festival and Thanksgiving Service to be held October 4, and Mr Hopkins, of Neath, to preach three times. Apparently the first Baptism took place on August 25, 1903, in the Rhymney River. This was preceded by a short Prayer Meeting at 10a.m. in the Chapel.

October 19th, 1903

Decided to get a Pastor to preach once a month. About this time, good progress was made, because they had £50 in hand for the Furniture of the Church, such as seating, chairs, etc., and a sum of £300 was borrowed from Mrs Davis, the China Shop, Machen.

March, 1904

That we pay £25 off mortgage, and £12 interest; this equals £300. Loan interest was at 4 percent. Progress was still maintained, because room to expansion was needed. The first Vestry was built in 1906 at a cost of £93 15s, and benches £6 5s, a total of £100.

In May, 1906 the Rev J.C. Redman was appointed minister, he left in 1908.

The deacons on July 17, 1906, were as follows: Mr B.B. Jones, Mr C. Barnes, Mr W. Roberts, Mr Gomer Jones, Mr Aaron Jones, Mr William Williams and Mr Adams.

Very interesting is the following item: Sunday-school, June 6, 1908: Brother Morgan Williams reports that the Barry Railway Company will take us to Weston-Super-Mare on July 5, 1908, from Duffryn Isaf Sidings, for a return fare of 2s. 3d. per head.

The Pastor from 11th March 1913 to 1918 was Rev. T.C. Davies.

Paraffin Oil Lamps were the original method of lighting the chapel, but on September 21, 1914, Gas laid on, and later, in March 1946, further improvements in lighting were made: four new fluorescent lamps were installed.

The Pastor from 11 March 1919 to 1921 was the Rev. S. Short, of Whitchurch.

The First Organ was purchased on April 15, 1909. Today, 1950, we have two Organs and two Pianos.

The Pastor from 11 March 23 was Rev. Rees Powell, of Ynysddu. He resigned in 1941 and died in Bedwas. The Heating was done by Tortoise Stoves in the Chapel and Vestries. Gas radiators were later introduced. This was an expensive item often, and sometimes dangerous, especially when the gas pressure would fall, but in March, 1946, a Contract was signed and given to Messrs. Progers, Ltd, Cardiff, to install a low-pressure heating apparatus, at an overall cost of £450. Our good brothers in the Church saved a lot of expense by taking out foundations for the Boiler House, etc. Our brother, Mr Horace Williams, and his friends, erected the boiler house free of charge, the church providing the material, and it is a grand tribute to the Church members that the whole of the Debt was cleared by 1948.

Our Second Vestry was built and dedicated on March 1, 1934, at a cost of £175, and the debt on this was cleared on October 21, 1941. The length of the two Vestries are 90ft x 20ft wide. The tip-up chairs for our Second Vestry were purchased from Glyn-Corrwyg at the low price of 1s. 10d. each. These, in turn, were cleaned up and varnished by our members.

August 29th, 1944

We decided to fix our own Baptistry (previously we baptised in Tebernacle Church, Trethomas, and im Hephsibah", Bedwas), and work was proceeded with at once. Messrs. T.F. Howeels, Ltd., of Caerphilly, accepted the contract at £96, and on November 12, 1944, the first baptismal service was conducted by Rev. J. McHaffie, when our sisters, Miss Maud Morgan and Miss Margaret Price, together with three other sisters from Trecenydd, were baptised. It was a glorious sunny day.

The Evening Service was conducted by Rev. D.W. Ingram, of Newport, and our two sisters were received into the Fellowship of the Church.

For this our house we praise Thee,
Reared by Thine own command.
For every generous bosom,
And every willing hand.
And now within Thy temple
Thy glory let us see.
For all its strength and beauty
Are nothing without Thee.

And as the years roll over,
And string affections twine,
And tender memories gather
About this sacred shrine,
May this, its chief distinction,
Its glory ever be,
That multitudes within it
Have found their way to Thee.


The first Minister was Rev. J.C. Redman. He was ordained on May 22, 1906. Left, 1908.
Rev. T.C. Davies was invited March 11, 1913. Left, 1921.
Rev. S. Short, of Whitchurch, March 11, 1919. Left, 1921
Rev. Rees Powell, of Ynysddu, commenced March 11, 1923, resigned April 13, 1941. Died at Bedwas.
Rev. Kenneth Balsom, of Cardiff College. Call given, April 27, 1948, accepted, May 5, 1948 and commenced July 28, 1949 until 1958. These were years of blessing and the Rev. Balsom and his wife still worship here at Bethel, Bedwas.

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