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Sun 5th Feb 3.30pm

Messy Church

Arts, crafts, games and bible stories! All children must be accompanied by an adult.

Wed 8th Feb 7.00pm

Fellowship Night

Join us to hear about the work of Samaritan's Purse, with Tony and Lynn Mccarthy.

Bethel Team Visit to India
The 'Face of India'17 - 29 November 2008

Peter Whitefoot, Ed and Angela Marshall, Shirley Bloor, Dawn John, John and Janet Sweetland.

We left Bethel at 4.00am to drive to Heathrow Airport for our flight to Mumbai and it was very cold.

Our flight left at 10.35am and we arrived in Mumbai 6.30pm British time - 12.00am Indian time.

We had an 8 hour wait for our flight to Vishakhapatnam but arrived at 1.30pm. It was good to see Jameson and Johnson Titus waiting to greet us and we were transferred to the Church as the Rock mission in one of their school buses. This was our first taste of the 'real India'. As we drove we couldn't believe our eyes and ears. Horns were sounding every second - did they know what the Highway Code was? Families were riding on motorcycles, mum, dad and 3 children, they weaved in and out of traffic five abreast in two lanes. People were hanging on the back of buses and it seemed chaotic.

We arrived safely and were greeted by Mary Titus. We were all very tired and we found it very hot. We were shown to where we would be sleeping and went for a meal together - our first taste (of many) of curry, rice and bananas.

Space will not permit me to write of all our experiences but we were very privileged to see the day to day running of the campus. We loved meeting the children and students. The children are so respectful and disciplined. They are taught in English.

We ere able to meet Shayam Paul and the Pastor sponsored by Bethel.

We also met Johnson's wife and four daughters. Mary Titus is up early in the morning and oversees the running of the Campus.

We transferred to the Mercy Mission Welfare Society on the Saturday. It was good to meet Charley, Liz, Jasmine and Jessica. Again, we loved meeting the children and students. We interacted with the 99 children who live on the Campus and we grew to love them so much. They were so happy to play with the bubbles, skipping ropes, cardboard planes, kites and balloons we had taken with us. They also loved colouring the pictures with the colouring pens / pencils. They have so little but are being loved and looked after and they love to sing about Jesus.

We met Ravi, who is sponsored by Bethel.

We visited some of the fishing villages and saw the poverty in which some of these people live. It humbled us and made us so grateful for what we have.

India is a tourist paradise. It is the home of the Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. India is assigned to the Apostle Thomas, he preached and planted seven churches in 50-52 A.D. he was martyred in Madras.

India is a land of extreme contrasts: wealth and endemic poverty - a land where there are 300 million gods and goddesses, temples and priests.

Please pray for the work on the two missions. Please pray for all who work on the missions from the Titus / Tom families to those who cook, wash and clean and the Doctors and nurses in the hospitals and all the teaching staff who dedicate themselves to teaching the children. Please also pray for the students who one day will become Pastors and go to work in the villages or go back to the area where they originated. Finally, please remember the children, that they will grow to love Jesus and perhaps one day they too will become Pastors and leaders.

Thank you Peter for organising the trip and for putting up with us all.

It was a privilege to go to see first-hand the wonderful work at both Campuses.

Thank you to all who prayed for our safety during the terrorist attack in Mumbai - we were a long way from this but we were safely transferred to Mumbai the day after the attack and are thankful that our flights were as scheduled.

Janet Sweetland.

Photographs of the India visit

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