Serving God in the Community
The Rock
Services and Meetings
Sunday Mornings 11am
Family Church
Communion 3rd Sunday

Sunday Evenings 6pm
Celebration Service
Communion 1st Sunday

Tuesday 09.30am - 11.30am*
Parents & Toddlers at the Church

1st Tuesday 7.15pm
Christians for Bedwas
Prayer Meeting at The Rock

2nd, 3rd and 4th Tuesdays 7pm
Prayer Meeting at the Church

Wednesday 2.30pm
Ladies Fellowship at the Church

2nd Wednesday 7pm
Church Fellowship Evening

1st Thursday 7.15pm
Bible Study at The Rock

Friday 4.30pm*
Whizzkidz At The Church
(Ages 3 - 7 years)

Friday 6pm*
Rock Solid At The Church
(Ages 8 - 11 years)

Friday 8pm*
B3 At The Church
(Ages 11 upwards)

* Term time only

Note: These are our general services and meetings timings - for a more specific and detailed events calendar...

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Sun 5th Feb 3.30pm

Messy Church

Arts, crafts, games and bible stories! All children must be accompanied by an adult.

Wed 8th Feb 7.00pm

Fellowship Night

Join us to hear about the work of Samaritan's Purse, with Tony and Lynn Mccarthy.

The Rock - Coffee Shop Menu

Our menu includes various light snacks, and dishes produced by our team of cooks. There is also a variety of drinks available.

Usual opening times are 10am to 4.30pm every day except Sunday and Wednesday. Last kitchen orders are taken at 4.15pm.

Cold Savouries   Cold Savouries
All with side serving of salad garnish and salted crisps   All with side serving of salad garnish and salted crisps
Sandwiches, brown or white bread, butter or low fat spread.   Filled white roll, butter or low fat spread.
        Large Small
Bacon £2.95   Bacon £3.35 £2.95
Bacon and egg or mushroom £3.25   Bacon and egg £3.45 £3.05
Cheese £2.75   Cheese £3.20 £2.65
Cheese and onion £2.95   Cheese and onion £3.20 £2.75
Cheese and pickle £2.95   Cheese and pickle £3.20 £2.75
Cheese and tomato £2.95   Cheese and tomato £3.25 £2.75
Chicken and mayonnaise £2.95   Chicken and mayonnaise £3.25 £2.75
Egg and mayonnaise £2.65   Egg and mayonnaise £3.00 £2.50
Ham £2.95   Ham £3.35 £2.85
Ham and tomato £3.15   Ham and tomato £3.45 £3.05
Ham salad £3.45   Ham salad £3.65 £3.15
Red salmon £3.40   Red salmon £3.65 £3.15
Tuna / mayonnaise / sweetcorn £3.25   Tuna and mayonnaise £3.45 £2.95
Side salad £0.80        
Bread roll (without garnish) £0.60   Salads
      Cheese salad   £3.90
Hot Savouries   Chicken salad   £4.10
Served without salad garnish or crisps   Ham salad   £4.10
      Tuna salad   £3.90
Buttered toast, two rounds £0.90   Salmon salad   £4.10
Jams £0.25        
Bacon and eggs £2.50                             Chocolate Bars
Beans on Toast £2.95   Kit Kat chunky   £0.50
Cheese on toast £2.95   Mars bar   £0.50
Cheese and tomato on toast £2.95   Other chocolate bars as available
Scrambled egg on toast £2.75        
Two poached eggs on toast £2.95    
Sardines on toast £3.10        
      Please ask if you require a diabetic or coeliac alternative - we may be able to assist
Breakfast (bacon, sausage, egg, mushrooms, beans or tomato, buttered toast
(served before 11.30)
£3.95   To enable us to continue to give our customers good home-made food, cooked to a high standard, we use the best quality fresh produce available at the time. To the best of our knowledge, no items on our menu contain GM foods.
Hot Savouries   Drinks
All with side serving of salad garnish and salted crisps    
Toasted sandwich, to include one filling £2.95      Cappuccino, regular £1.30
Additional fillings, each: £0.80      Cappuccino, mug £1.50
   Bacon, beans, cheese, egg, ham,        Cappuccino, large £1.75
   mushroom, onion, pineapple, tomato        Cappuccino, double shot £1.60
Jacket potato, plain with butter £2.90      Latte £1.50
Additional fillings, each: £0.80      Filter with milk £1.30
   Bacon, beans, cheese, coleslaw, ham,        Filter with cream £1.30
   onion, tuna, tuna mayonnaise        Espresso £1.20
         Cafetiere, decaffeinated £1.50
Plain omelette £3.35      Instant, regular £1.30
Additional fillings, each: £0.80      Instant, mug £1.50
   Bacon, beans, cheese, ham, mushrooms,     Teas  
   onion, tomato        Tea, pot for one £1.20
         Tea, pot for two £1.10
Dessert Selection      Specials: Earl Grey, Herbal, £
         Lemon, fruit  
Scone, with cream (or butter) and jam £1.80   Milkshake flavours: Banana £1.50
Scone tea: scone, cream, jam, pot of tea £2.75      chocolate, strawberry, raspberry  
Tea cake £1.50   Cold Milk £1.00
Toasted tea cake £1.60   Fruit juice: apple, orange, £0.90
Fresh fruit salad £3.35      blackcurrant  
Banana split £2.90   Squash £0.50
Cream, ice cream or custard £0.60   Coke, Lilt, Sprite, Fanta £1.00
Ice cream, per scoop, choice of: £0.60      (diet alternatives available)  
   Vanilla, chocolate or strawberry     Mineral water, Natural still or £1.00
Knickerbockerglory £3.35      sparkling, flavoured sparkling  
Ice cream sundae £2.30   Hot chocolate, regular £1.30
Fruit sundae £2.45   Hot chocolate, mug £1.50
      Hot chocolate, large with cream £1.85
         and flake  
All available to take away
Each day there are specials on the menu - these are displayed on a board inside the coffee shop

Bedwas is two miles from Caerphilly, on the A468 from Caerphilly to Newport. There is a public car park adjacent to the centre.

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